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Fill the Sky- 25 shots

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Effects & Details: (formerly Spread Eagle) Multi Shots 500 Grams | Mines to comets to breaks spread out from right-to-left and left-to-right. Giant brocade effects with color make this a great way to fill your sky.

Shot Count: 25 SHOT

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Commonly Asked Questions
Do I need a permit to buy fireworks?

In the state of Nevada, you are required to have a shooting permit at the time of your fireworks purchase. At our Pahrump location, we are required by the City of Pahrump to charge you $5.00 for a permit when you purchase fireworks. A shooting permit in the city of Pahrump is good for one 24-hour period. All proceeds go toward keeping the Pahrump Shoot Site in good repair!

At the time of this writing, you do not need to purchase or have a shooting permit at any of our other locations.

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